Tuesday 9 April 2013

Smartglass Won’t Play Video To Your XBOX 360 from Windows 8

I just installed the Windows 8 and wanted to use the Smartglass on my Windows 8 with my XBOX 360. Like myself, you’ve probably heard about Smartglass or seen the video how, cool and easy is to share media between Windows 8 PC with XBOX 360 and use XBOX 360 as a smart TV alternative. You’ve followed the instructions (log in with common Live/Xbox ID on Xbox and Windows 8 device, install & configure the app), started playing a video, swiped up, hit Play To, and there’s no option for your XBOX 360. Then you start wondering what’s wrong, what am I missing here? The thing is you are not missing anything, as Microsoft forgot to mention in their instruction manual how to effectively use and configure Smartglass.

So what’s the solution?  It appears that Microsoft missed an instruction:

- Hit Charms – Settings – PC Settings
- Go to Devices
- Add A Device, let it search.
- Add Xbox 360 (Digital media server)
- Wait for it to add & install

Now start a video on your Windows 8 machine, open the app bar (bottom), hit Play To –> XBOX 360