Tuesday 9 December 2014

Change Default Font in Blogger

If you are tired of writing your blog posts in Times New Roman font and don't want to add bloated HTML by choosing the font and size from Blogger's post editor, this post is right place for you. The solution is simple if you know where to look. Below are two ways you can try.

Chrome Browser Settings
As Blogger is a part of Google family, changing the font is actually a Chrome setting, not a Blogger setting.

To change your font setting do the following
1. Chrome browser
2. Settings
3. Show Advanced Settings
4. Web Content: Customize Fonts
Here is a bonus part, though it does set your default font & size in Blogger, it also changes it all over Google.

Alternatively if you don't want to change chrome browser settings, you can make CSS work for you.

1. Sign in to your blogger account.
2. Select your blog.
3. On right hand menu click Templates and then Edit HTML.
4. Locate or search for <b:skin> and copy/paste the following CSS code inside.

* { font-family: Arial!important;}
body {
font-family: Arial!important;

5. Click Save template.

Now all the old and new blog posts in your blog will be in the font you specified through CSS.


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Adnan Zameer, Lead Developer at Optimizley UK, is a certified Microsoft professional, specializing in web app architecture. His expertise includes Optimizley CMS and Azure, showcasing proficiency in crafting robust and efficient solutions.


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