Thursday 27 November 2014

Rendering ASP.NET MVC Views to HTML String

A common need I have in my ASP.NET MVC based projects is to render a complete "View" or "PartialView" to string instead of the HTTP response and then present it or embed it in another rendered view.

You can implement the following code in shared controller or preferably in base Controller so that you can access this function in all controllers across your project. You can access the ControllerContext within controller and pass it to the function. It will return the rendered view in HTML string, the usage is self-explanatory.

Friday 21 November 2014

Copy Text to Clipboard Using JavaScript

In a recent web project, I needed to create a button that would copy text from textbox onto the user's clipboard. The obvious approach is to use jQuery or JavaScript to trigger onclick() event of the button and copy text to clipboard. It sounds easy and convenient and should be achieved with few lines of code but it is not.