Wednesday 23 August 2017

Editor Access to Episerver Categories Admin Functionality


EPiServer separates the functionality for website editors and site administrators by using two distinct user interfaces (Edit & Admin interface).
Edit mode offers granular control by allowing you to set access rights for content.

The requirement is to provide editor access to a particular admin functionality i.e Categories, without providing full access to the user to the admin interface.

Invalidate the Site or Page Cache In EPiServer


Recently I was asked for a code snippet to manually invalidate site and individual page cache in EPiServer.

My first impression was why you want to go out of the way to manually invalidate site or a page cache when EPiServer automatically takes cares of it in a brilliant way?. It's not something you do in your daily EPiServer development routine, and being a big believer of "No such thing as a stupid question", it got me curious as I had some idea about doing this in theory but never actually get a chance to write a code to invalidate site or page cache.

The idea was to stress test load balancing environment where EPiserver event providers are doing the cache invalidation job but to disrupt their job through an invalidation cache web service. Later create a proof of concept in load balancing environment where EPiserver events providers for invalidating cache are disabled and on published event in CMS, a code gets triggers manually invalidation cache on site or page.