Tuesday 23 February 2021

Monday 15 February 2021

Simple Ways to Improve Episerver Websites Security

In my previous post, Basic Episerver Coding Best Practices I briefly mentioned the website security.  I thought I could go a little bit in details about basic security measure you can take in your ASP.NET website or in particular Episerver website. 

Each project comes with its own set of security requirements but I usually start from the following list to cover the basics. Keep in mind the list below are just suggestions and you can always opt-out or include other measures to quench your thirst for your website security. 

Monday 8 February 2021

Basic Episerver Coding Best Practices

This is my first post on Episerver development best practices. In this one, I'll present the best practices that should be followed while working with Episerver - ASP.Net MVC framework. 
Here are some best practices you should always have in mind: